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Managing the cookies and personal data of Skawpilot

This website uses cookies We use cookies in order to allow the site to function optimally. Cookies are primarily used for monitoring traffic via Google Analytics, but also to analyze the use of our website in order to improve the function and content.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text file stored locally on your computer that allows your computer to be recognized on subsequent visits. Our cookies store no personal information, nor do they allow access to information that may reveal your identity. A cookie can not contain viruses. Cookies may have different 'expiration dates'. Some cookies are deleted when you close your internet browser, while others are stored for several years.


Cookies for statistics and analysis
We use Google Analytics to monitor traffic via Google Analytics, but also to analyse the use of our website. Cookies for analytical purposes collect aggregate-level information about your navigation through the website. This information is then used to optimise and improve the website's content and functionality.

Functional cookies
Functional cookies are used to record information regarding your visit that is relevant to the functionality and usage of the website. For example, it may serve to record login functions or to temporarily store data typed into forms or during the course of making online orders. Functional cookies may be inserted by third-party websites, such as, when videos are embedded on the page, or by or when used to share articles or news.

How do we use cookies?
The website uses cookies for the following two main purposes:

  1. Cookies for statistics and analysis

  2. Functional cookies

How to delete cookies

If you do not wish to receive or store cookies, you may delete or block them. We have provided instructions on how to manage cookies in the most popular browsers

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